Howdy, I am Ajeet.

I introduce myself with TTT which means Technical SEO Consultant, Trainer and Thinker. I created this website as a aim to help my client to outrank his competition with the help of Technical SEO.

As a trainer, I will teach Lean Blogging Programmatic SEO, Intent Based Content writing and Marketing. 

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    How We do SEO for Each of Our Clients

    4 Step SEO Roadmap For your Business Success


    Step 1 – Understand Your Business


    At this stage, I will fully understand your business fully like what you are trying to achieve with the help of SEO and Content Marketing.

    I asked a set of questions like your business model, your current client and on which geographic area your business generates most of your sales. 

    You are using digital marketing for your business for the first time or any past experience and a lot more to understand your business and your target audience clearly.

    Step 2 – Website Audit


    Search engine ranking depends upon various factors before ranking your website for any keyword.

    I will analyze your whole website and find out what problems and flaws your website has that are stopping your website from ranking higher in the search engine.

    After analyzing I listed down all the problems and created an action plan for all the problems i found while auditing.

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    Stage 3 – Create SEO Strategy that Works


    Based on the SEO audit we developed an SEO strategy for your business that includes On page, Off page, Keyword research with KGR method and Technical SEO to achieve your business goal.

    I will continue to optimize your site based on performance so we can stay on top of the search engine and be able to drive relevant traffic and leads for your business

    Step 4 –Reporting and Training


    I follow the formula weekly updates and monthly reporting.

    In this phase I will report to you weekly on how I am working on strategy, how our keywords are performing, website speed and more insight. But at the end of the month i will share an in-depth data based report where i mention each and everything from keyword positioning to current traffic stats with screenshots. 

    I will also train you so you can easily understand the technical terms that are mentioned in the monthly report and you will be able to see the growth yourself.

    It's now almost 3 months passed working with Mr Ajeet Yadav and I am getting amazing results constantly. Never got junk leads. My business is growing because of Ajeet. Thanks a lot !
    Savari Fitness
    Founder of Savarifitness

    FAQ on SEO Services

    Seo stands for search engine optimization. It helps to drive targeted website visitors to your website that helps you to increase your sales

    Seo can help you drive targeted traffic free to your website without spending a single penny on paid ads.

    In this generation of internet people are spending more time on internet for gaining knowledge and buy/book products and services so if your industry related keywords rank higher on search engines they will love to buy from you also that’s the reason seo is important for small and large businesses

    I will optimize your website for both search engines as well as for users that will increase conversion on your website.

    Both are different things like if you have money and want instant results then go for paid ads but if you are planning for a long term business then seo will be a game changer for you.

    If you are looking SEO expert near me in google or SEO Expert in Mohali / Chandigarh you found Ajeet yadav is best SEO expert. He will listen about your business requirements and, according to that, build strategies that work like a charm.