About Ajeet Yadav


I am the Founder of Leantale and Ajeet.Co Consulting. 

I started freelancing in my second year of college in 2017. After completion of my college I joined a digital marketing agency and after 6 months i left the company to start my own digital marketing agency. 

However, due to other issues & covid, we have to close the agency and I started freelancing full time. Since then I have worked with many international and national brands.

 Between 2017 and 2020, I created multiple blogs from affiliates to Adsesne as well as client websites.

I completed my Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering from Sant longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Sangrur Punjab (India).

I tried out many things during my college as well as after college I do not have any good personal achievement record yet but i left the job, started a failed agency, then successfully my freelancing career and worked with many national and international brands also started growing some digital assets. I think this is my achievement till now. 

I have in depth knowledge of digital marketing and WordPress Development.

I am a hard core believer in Karma and I love honesty and loyalty towards work and relationship.

You can found me every where from fb to insta and twitter to LinkedIn.