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My rule of thumb is build a site for a user, not a spider

With the increasing rush for digital marketing and SEO, it is impossible to ignore its importance in brand building and marketing. Ranking a page or website on Google is the ultimate goal because better ranking means more traffic which means better conversion rates.

Digital marketing has taken the leap people from small to big business are harnessing their power.

SEO is a major and probably the most significant part of digital marketing because its sole purpose is to rank your page and provide better leads.

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Things to Know Before Buying Freelance SEO Services in Jaipur

1. You Must Exactly Know What are You Looking For

When hiring freelance seo expert, you must have prior knowledge in that domain. You should know exactly what you want on your website. There are various sub-domains of Freelance SEO services. Some of them are:

A) Technical SEO

This part of the team deals with coding, speed and metrics which are related to traffic on your website. They handle complex backend issues and optimize your site. They help in building a more responsive and user-friendly website.

B) User Experience (UX)

The team looks after the content of your website and the way a user interacts with your website. They help in better designing your website for more traffic and lead generation.

C) Off-Page SEO

These guys look after marketing and promoting your website through various social media handles. They help in brand building and make your brand identity stronger. Before hiring and SEO Company look for which of the above you need and whether they provide each of the above-mentioned services.

2. Expected Time for Visible Results

We all want results fast but good things take time. Even after optimising your website, it takes around a month or two to get results. You should ask your SEO Agency what their intentions are, their strategy and the expected time for visible results.

If your website is free from bugs and technical errors then you can expect quick results. A well structured and website can possibly bring more traffic than an unauthorised website. So keep your backend strong.

3. Google Your Freelance SEO Expert India

Yes! It’s a very easy and quick check to see if your chosen freelance seo expert india is worth hiring or not. Use the name of freelance seo expert as the searching keywords and google it.

If they happen to rank on the first page of the result, it’s a good sign. But if your company uses Adwords to rank their website, then you should hold yourself. Organically ranked websites are far better than Adword.

4. Ask Questions to Your Freelance SEO Expert

Before you hire SEO expert India, you must ask them a few questions to check their credibility and analyse their working strategy.

This will give you an idea about whether the Freelance SEO Expert india is worth hiring or not. These are a few questions you should ask them:

  • What is your previous working history?
  • Tell me about your company and your successful projects?
  • Which strategy are you going to use specifically for my website to rank?
  • Do you have prior experience of working in the niche which I am in?
  • Can you prepare a report on your working strategy and my website’s weaknesses?
  • What is a good and bad backlink in your understanding?

5. Avoid Placing All the Eggs in a Single Basket

It is always best to advise your freelance seo expert to create multiple funnels for traffic generation. Imagine yourself putting all your money in organic rankings and the traffic disappearing overnight, what will you do?

Therefore it is advisable to pull traffic from multiple channels like social media funnels, affiliate marketing and email marketing. Putting all your money in one marketing strategy is like brand suicide.

Disadvantages of SEO If You Don’t Do it for Your Business

Who doesn’t want to rank his page on google? With digital marketing growing rapidly, every small and big business is getting their SEO done. 

It is like the prerequisite of marketing and brand building today. seo expert india can help you with website optimization. SEO expert india are in great demand owing to their significant contribution to website traffic and lead generation. If you own a business you should also get your SEO done to get an edge over your competitors

1. Low Engagement and Lesser Traffic

Doing local SEO is important in today’s competitive market. Local SEO will enable people to find your business easily in your vicinity.

This will make better conversion rates. Local optimization focuses on the local area, city or state for establishing a viable medium on a local level.

For local optimization it is important to optimize brand’s Knowledge Graph panel, it’s business listing and related social media handles.

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2. Lesser Conversion Rates

If you can make a sale, you’re the hero. But to increase your sale and make your services visible to your potential customers you need to optimize your website.

Without proper SEO marketing, your website will not rank among your competitors which means lesser conversion rates.

3. Poor Customer Interaction

A well-optimized website not only ranks well but it also interacts better with the online visitors. SEO improves website usability.

When a person will browse through his mobile or PC, he will have a better experience with SEO websites. It will help you retain the visitors. SEO increases loading speed and reduces bounce rates.

An average customer expects a webpage to load in 2 seconds. The more the loading time, lesser would be the conversion rates and the user would spend lesser time on your website.

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4. Lesser Competitive Advantage

Today, more or less every big and small business and the agency is getting SEO optimized. This means if you don’t do your part, your website will automatically stack behind your competitors.

You might have the best content or the best services, but without proper viability customer visibility how do you expect to generate leads?

5. Lower Authority

Off-page SEO targets backlink building that helps Crawler to rank your website. Quality backlinks from reputed websites show that your website has more authority and better customer engagement.

You can build a good backlink through various social media handles, guest posting etc. This will result in more organic traffic on your website.

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6. Drop in the Buying Cycle

Investing in SEO has a better ROI than any other marketing tactics as it solely focuses on sales conversion. SEO helps in skyrocketing your business at a little expense.

If you think you are the best in your business and provide unmatched services then you may be wrong. Steep competition has led to better services and product innovation. People usually do a lot of market research before buying services nowadays.

They go through online customer reviews and articles to take reference before hiring freelancers or agencies for their work.

With such increased transparency in the market it becomes important to stay at the top of the list and to be there you need to update your websites and backlinks regularly. This will help you attract more traffic to your website.

7. Losing a Great Opportunity

You might not know bit SEO is not too expensive. The amount of money spent by the company on Marketing is huge.

In that case, small business owners can use SEO as a tool to boost their growth at less expense. Above all, SEO is not an expense but an investment.

If a reputed SEO agency charges you double the normal rate and promises you lead generation and traffic in half the time then will it be an expense or an investment? Think wisely!

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