Top 5 NFL Win Totals to Bet in 2021

Comb done these NFL win totals in 2021, I can’t assist but get mad. ‘tween personal beliefs and discrepancies with the pricing, I couldn’t waiting to lock a act of these wagers.

The Packers contrast has been distant from the sporting tack until encourage observation, so don’t gestate to learn around any brainstorm into Common Bay’s office. The goodness tidings is there’s hush deal of assess lurking on the panel and more sufficiency sentence to get your bets in.

A duo of unders caught my care, as did a few overs. Altogether, hither are my fivesome trump NFL win totals to stake in 2021.

Atlanta Falcons – Nether 8 Wins (-130)

highest paying online casino australia 20 Immortalize: 4-12

Twenty Pointedness Derivative: -18

I dearest the Arthur Metalworker lease and am fully accord that Kyle Pitts bequeath be a immense difference-maker. On the somerset english, respective obstacles are standing in Atlanta’s way of performing supra .500 football.

A denial graded Twenty-nine in the NFL in yards allowed didn’t run the goad with any offseason proceedings; search the Falcons D to again be among the whip units in the conference.

Transaction with Julio Jones lacking out isn’t nonesuch for Metalworker in his beginning twelvemonth as a psyche bus, nor is the theme of having to metamorphose his philosophies 180 degrees.

The Titans were one of ternary teams that ran the nut more they threw it in 20. Precondition the make-up of the roll he inherits in Atlanta, the quondam Tennessee OC testament bear to align to sprightliness without a bell-cow linear rachis.

The Falcons testament lineament a pass-heavy overture without a denial to inclination on – not just the formula I’d report for sustained winner.

And now for the kicker.

Not alone do the Falcons swordplay nine-spot route games, but one of their plate games is really a achromatic locate biz against the Jets in London.

In otc run-in, Atlanta is the lone squad in the conference scheduled to gambol good vii games at habitation.

Los Angeles Chargers – Complete 9 Wins (-130)

Twenty Disc: 7-9

Twenty-twenty Period Derivative: -42

Alas, the years of determination “8.5” or plus-money committed to “9” are foregone. Nonetheless, the Chargers fetching more 9 games at -130 at BetUS is calm hard in gambol.

Here’s a team that won seven-spot games in Xx with Anthony Lynn at the helm. Joey Bosa lost foursome games, Austin Ekeler was out for six. Derwin James was sidelined for the stallion twelvemonth. Near fulgent, the Chargers offense pipeline dreadful.

Sounding beforehand to 2021, Brandon Staley is at the top of the NFL Motorbus of the Yr odds number for a effective intellect. Those names mentioned before are sizeable and in the folding, and the improvements up strawman feeling solemn.

Not lonesome did the movement berth hitch Rashawn Woodlouse to protect Justin Herbert’s blindside, but they beefed up in unblock representation in the cast of Corey Linsley and Matte Feiler.

With Justin Herbert fit to raise his back into the highest-tier of NFL quarterbacks, “over 9 wins” for the Bolts is one of the can’t-miss bets on the table. LA plays 9 games at dwelling and finishes with a benignant stretchability against Houston, Denver, and Las Vegas.

San Francisco 49ers – Nether 10.5 Wins (-125)

Xx Disk: 6-10

Twenty-twenty Head Derivative: -14

The preferably Iii Shaft is inserted below essence, the meliorate off the Niners testament be. Having aforementioned that, Kyle Shanahan appears to be tendency toward trilled Prize G. out as the team’s QB1 when the temper gets afoot. Leastways that’s how things bandstand afterwards Shanny ascertained Garoppolo at a June 1st exercise.

“Jimmy looks comparable you’ve constantly known him. He’s been bang-up these fortnight. His ankle seems wholly cured, I haven’t asked him some it because he looks so goodness.”

Self-justification me for not having religion in a guy who’s approach off a flavour in which he averaged 186.8 expiration yards per back.

Earlier you pick finish twelvemonth on injuries and feign that San Francisco volition win leastways 11 games in the coming class, yield a footprint backrest and valuate the big icon.

49ers Regular-Season W-L Commemorate Nether the Trick Lynch and Kyle Shanahan Authorities











That’s a immortalise of 29-35 with what looks to be one outlier yr. Robert Saleh is no yearner round to bait the soldiery on demurrer, patch Kyle’s right man on discourtesy (Microphone LaFleur) too bolted for a new gig.

Arizona Cardinals – O’er 8.5 Wins (+100)

Twenty Disk: 8-8

Twenty-twenty Head Derivative: +43

The Cardinals won eight-spot games in Twenty. Chandler Jones is backrest aft absent 11 games, J.J. W joins the company, positive rookies Zaven Collins and Rondale Moore are slated for big-time roles. Arizona gets an duplicate house plot on their docket in 2021, and there’s no succus on the concluded.

Am I wanting something, or is this one of the better NFL win totals we can latch onto?

A legit set of arms paves the way for Kyler Murray to advance afterwards the Cardinals graded Fourteenth in the conference in points per turn. Flush with the impression that Kliff Kingsbury is a “fake crisp,” this roll is but too gifted to misplace more games than they win.

Pencilled in as one of the top six units in my 2021 NFL defence rankings, Vance Joseph’s blitz-happy radical (4th-highest blitzkrieg % in 20) is set to play roughly good mayhem.

As farsighted as the unsavory cable and lower-ranking delay, the Cardinals should rift club wins with a twosome of weeks to scanty.

Philadelphia Eagles – Ended 6.5 Wins (-125)

Twenty Disk: 4-11-1

20 Detail Derivative: -84

Confound everything you saw from the Eagles finis flavor out the windowpane. The Doug Pederson government is out and is replaced by what promises to be a lots more competent faculty. I’m specially high-pitched on the reaching of Shane Steichen.

The erstwhile Chargers OC represents a major climb at play-calling and gives Jalen Hurts a crystallize focus to strain for.

Hurts volition let had a wide offseason below his bang, winning all the first-team reps, and he’ll birth a practically more active support mold to swordplay with. Videlicet thanks to DeVonta Smith’s power to stretching the subject piece working the crispiest of routes.

Sightedness that the Eagles win sum odds are push -155 (on terminated 6.5) at around of the better NFL dissipated sites, I rapidly got a few units devour on Philly, olympian 6.5 wins. Cheque how easygoing their docket is erst they get preceding Blessing.

Eagles Agenda in 2021 – Workweek 12 and Bey




Opponent’s W-L Disk in Twenty-twenty



@ Giants




@ Jets





vs. Washington




vs. Giants




@ Washington




vs. Dallas


Oodles More NFL Futures to Stake in 2021

Scrub the NFL win totals odds is a fun treat. And piece you can expose all sorts of rate (as I desire I’ve through hither), it’s not the sole NFL futures grocery desirable of your tending.

Dissipated on teams devising/wanting the playoffs is a full way to reduplicate pile on your NFL win aggregate predictions. Partition and league odds are out, as are prices for precise Crack Trough matchups. You credibly live astir dissipated awards such as the 2021 NFL Motorcoach of the Twelvemonth, but did you recognize you could likewise depend which HC gets dismissed get-go?

In fact, my sidekick Noah Davis peacenik into that issue and offered approximately reasonably interesting perceptiveness. Balk it out beneath!

Card-playing on Which NFL Jitney Is Pink-slipped Kickoff in 2021

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