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According to one survey by w3tech wordpress cms is used by 37% of websites on the internet. 

WordPress CMS is very good from the SEO point of view; they provide a lot of premade plugins you just have to install. But using a wordpress CMS just won’t help you to rank higher in google search.

As a WordPress SEO expert, I make strategies and optimize the website according to it so your website starts getting rank high on search engines.

Your website will start getting sales on autopilot.

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FAQ on Local SEO Services

Enabling SEO plugins is very easy. You just have to go to the plugin section of wordpress and install any seo plugin like Rankmath or SEO both are good. But enabling SEO plugins is not just enough, you have to do further optimization like on page, off page and technical SEO.

Yes, WordPress is best for SEO. Because they have many useful plugins like rank math and yoast that make your work so simple.

Yes, WordPress is best for SEO. Because they have many useful plugins like rank math and yoast that make your work so simple.

SEO score is the number that tells how much percentage of your website is optimized. But as personally i don’t give too much focus on SEO scores because the maximum time when anyone tries to achieve a maximum SEO score will make content hard to read and understand and due to that user will never come to the website.

No, Google does not give any special preference to any CMS. According to Google WordPress, CMS is very much search engine friendly so consuming content for Google and users is very easy.

According to my experience with WordPress,shopify is the best website/ecommerce platform for SEO.

You can check in the search console. Where you can get to know your website health details properly also if you want to check the SEO friendly on the wordpress dashboard you can check in the SEO plugin section.

WordPress is a CMS that is very much a search engine and user friendly, but this is not the last option you can use to build your custom website. Those are much better than wordpress because you can make them according to your needs.

The cost of WordPress SEO service is dependent upon various factors, but the initial pricing for WordPress seo is 20,000/month.

SEO is an organic process and it will take time but it is worth every single penny. If your website is fresh /new then it will take a minimum of 3 to 6 month to see a result.

No wordpress is not dead even wordpress is now very advanced now it is not just used for blog many big companies websites and blog in build on wordpress. So WordPress is not dead, it